Dryerpods 101


Dryerpods are a green way to dry your clothing indoors, year round, cost free.  The circulating, warm air of your in-floor forced-air heat takes out the moisture in your clothing and puts it back into the home.  Dryerpods can serve as a home and family friendly “humididryer” but most importantly, an eco-dryer.  An essential to any household, Dryerpods allow your clothing to dry while you’re already heating your home.  Your clothes can dry while your family sleeps or while you are out and about.   Without using any extra energy your cloth goods dry much faster than typical air-drying.  Drypods also give you a custom location to conceal your drying with no one knowing your undies are blowing in the breeze.

Visualize a Dryerpod

Dryerpods look like a beautiful custom piece of wood furniture that could fit into just about any room in your home, made of environmentally hardwood and beautifully stained with colors of plant based transparent or opaque stains.  Each pod has two doors that open up to house all the cloth goods you are needing to dry.  They have different options but all Dryerpods have at least one wooden, rollout rack and one wooden rod for hanging clothe goods to dry.  Each pod has a custom style so you can select the perfect piece to compliment your décor.  They are created to allow the wood to breath, the air to circulate and your clothe goods to dry concealed and conveniently.

General Benefits of Dryerpods

Environmental, Financial and Economic:


A Little More About Dryerpods...


At the foot of Mt. Sopris, nestled into the Roaring Fork Valley a 3rd generation woodworker grows a thriving woodworking business that began as a family hobby and led to the start of a company we know as Dryerpods.  Love of woodworking, nature, family and home inspires this environmentally friendly company that is made up of pride and family dedication.  Designed and handcrafted, start to finish by a family owned and operated workshop in the mountains of Colorado, we bring to you a fresh new approach to drying clothe goods energy-free with our eco-friendly, intelligent, stylish, timeless, functional, never before created product- Dryerpods.


At Dryerpods we know families want to make healthy and sustainable choices in all areas of their lives, especially within their home and for their children.  Our company believes in only the best for our customers and our environment, and that is why we have created a piece of functional furniture that is meticulously handcrafted with the ability to dry your clothe goods with no extra energy.  Dryerpods are eco-dryers, designed to use the heat of your home to dry your cloth goods with numerous benefits. 

A green way to dry your clothing indoors, year round, cost free, created with ecological materials, natural stains, a functional approach, durability and eco-friendliness.

Our Dryerpods use circulating air and the heat of your home to take the moisture out of your clothing and put it back into your home.  You might call it a home and family friendly “humididryer” that dries your cloth goods; an essential to any household that uses in-floor forced-air heat, which is about 50% of homes in the United States. We bring to you a piece of furniture that is not only beautiful, but fully functional to dry your goods in an environmentally conscience way.


We have created Dryerpods with time honored techniques and innovative technologies. Dryerpods are beautiful, custom furniture additions to a home anywhere from traditional to contemporary, with every style in between.  No matter what type of drying you’ll be doing in your home or your style of décor, we’ve got a Dryerpod you’ll love and won’t be able to live without. 

From our Dryerpods Seedling designed for the baby or “fresh pea” to our Dryerpods Sprout designed for the baby to younger child or “lil’ whipper-snapper pea” to our Dryerpods Climber designed for both youth to adult, male and female alike or “split pea” to to our Dryerpods Shell as a fabulous, non-heat eco-wardrobe available in two sizes! 

At Dryerpods you’ll find the perfect fit backed by our commitment to superior quality and excellent value. Our goal is to offer an original design that works for all ages in a wide array of beautiful shell colors handpicked from the garden.


Dryerpods are wiser, safer, friendlier, greener, healthier and better for our planet and your families cloth goods.  They are easy on your clothing, easy on the environment and easy to use.  You will love yours and feel good about the way it is made knowing it is built to last.  Dryerpods are heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next.  A timeless, high quality piece of furniture you will never have to update or replace, fully functional to dry your cloth goods, time and time again.

Dryerpods has a commitment to the environment and we invest in responsibly sourced materials and efficient construction techniques.  Created from sustainably harvested hardwood and hand applied non-toxic, plant based transparent and opaque wax based stains, Dryerpods are like no other drying system. 

All of our pods are made of only the finest species of alder, both solid wood and furniture-grade plywood that meets high green standards and comes from eco-managed forests..   For the sake of the environment and our health, we only use finishes that are zero-VOC.  Using high-quality products, eco-friendly finishes, and responsible manufacturing practices is the only option at Dryerpods.  We are proud to say, that our entire process: design, build, and ship, is done here, in the US.


Who are we really?  Picture this: one man, one woman, three children, and one dog, nestled in a home in the mountains of Colorado.  In 2010 we went in search of a dryer system that would dry our cloth goods, especially our little one’s cloth diapers.  So we set to invent and create.  Our cloth diapers needed to be air dried but this process took too long in the colder months and those cloth diapers didn’t look very attractive hanging on the side of the crib or over a shower rod in the bathroom.  Washing cloth diapers every other day needed a better “line dry system”.

We realized we could use the heat of our home for drying by creating something that was both beautifully visually and fine-tuned functionally.  We found that all the products on the market simply didn’t meet this combination.  We knew we needed to turn an idea into a product many families could benefit from. With careful research and design we took this vision to a new level and began testing baby, children and adult clothing and found that Dryerpods were able to dry goods for all ages but the size of the pod needed to be specialized, so we expanded with four different pods.

As master wood workers, designers and builders with an environmental sense, we moved forward on designing, creating and producing Dryerpods for all ages.  We believe in nurturing our family, our goods and our earth.  Our goods are “grown” from the earth with re-useable resources and built with quality to serve a purpose of drying that doesn’t take any additional resources.  You get the same benefits of drying your cloth goods as you do under the sun, but Dryerpods enable you to dry all year long, especially the months you are already heating your home with the use of in-floor forced-air heat.  Dryerpods are an intelligent, stylish, timeless piece of furniture that provides the answer to aestheticism, ecology, and function.


Dryerpods would like to invite you to participate in our growth by learning more about our eco-dryer and green product line created for safer, healthier and happier homes.  Together we hope you can help us spread the word on our new and exciting products so we can help bring a better drying solution to families looking for a green drying alternative.  In addition we have been working to grow our very own Green Laundry Shop so our customers will have the ability to purchase other green items related to the home.  Both Dryerpods and Green Laundry Shop will provide goods that work to nurture your family and our earth.  We hope you visit us at www.dryerpods.com or www.greenlaundryshop.com to checkout our website and get more specifics on our pods and our products.