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Dryerpods Promotional Kit

Are you interested in learning more about Dryerpods!  Are you interested in partnering with us to sell Dryerpods in your store front or online shop?  We have a beautiful In Design promotional kit designed to give you more information and to answer all your question on our line of Dryerpods!  Just link on the image below!  Please allow a few minutes to upload!


New Vendor Information

Are you interested in selling your product through the Green Laundry Shop website? We'd love to have more information!

All forms and samples should be sent to:

Dryerpods and Green Laundry Shop, Inc.
Attn: New Product Buyer
49 Midland Point Road
Carbondale, CO 81623

If you would like your sample returned, please include a postage paid envelope or box with your shipment.

New Vendor Submission Form

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